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The Alpine Secret For Healthy Weight Loss

Each year, Millions of people try to lose weight. And given the fact that over a third of us regain the weight we lose from dieting alone, it’s no wonder that a staggering 57% of Americans take at least one supplement.

Ingredients In Alpilean 

One of our biggest concerns about Alpilean was that we can’t see exactly how much of each ingredient is present in the formula. So while there’s great evidence for Ginger and Turmeric, as an example, that evidence is dose-dependent. So all we can do is review the efficacy of these ingredients, amounts notwithstanding.


Golden Algae – Dose Unknown

Our bodies only burn three things for energy: protein, fat, and sugar. Sugar is by far the easiest thing to burn, but if our insulin resistance is too high, our bodies don’t burn sugar, but store it as fat. One chemical found in edible seaweeds, Fucoxanthin, has been shown to help us improve our insulin response, and regulate our fat cells.


Dika Nut – Dose Unknown

Also known as the African Mango Seed (Irvingia gabonensis), it has shown great promise in recent clinical trials. In one study volunteers taking 150 mg before meals saw significant improvements in body weight, and another study showed that Dika Nut can actively prevent the growth of fat cells.


Drumstick Tree Leaf – Dose Unknown

A rather novel inclusion in fat-burners, I enjoyed reading through a few studies of this plant extract (scientific name Moringa olifera). The study with the most promising results was one in which two groups of rats were fed a high-fat diet, and one group was given Drumstick Leaf oil. The Drumstick groups gained 23% less weight and had 58% less fat.


Bigarade Orange –Dose Unknown

Most people associate the health benefits of eating citrus fruits with the high Vitamin C content in them. But bitter oranges can also lead to rapid fat-burning through thermogenesis. This has already been proven in laboratory settings, which could lead to anti-obesity effects in humans.


Ginger Root – Dose Unknown

Another plant used in traditional cuisine and medicine for ages, Ginger Root has recently been shown in a human clinical trial to decrease appetite and increase thermogenesis. This means you’ll eat less and burn more calories, even at rest.


Turmeric – Dose Unknown

Scientists have long observed that populations with high Turmeric consumption tend to have lower obesity rates and lower body fat. Now the mechanisms have been discovered. It appears that the Curcumin in Turmeric Rhizomes can not only improve insulin resistance, but actively increases our thermogenesis, leading to more fat-burning.


Chromium – 10 Mcg

Naturally occurring in nearly every organic compound, this mineral promotes not only anti-obesity mechanisms overall, but in a literature review of the entire scientific body of evidence, was consistently found to influence thermogenesis.


Vitamin B12 – 35 Mcg

Not all B-Vitamins are created equal. In fact, some have relatively little effect on our metabolism, at all. But B12 has demonstrated a profound effect on how our bodies regulate body temperature, and how our bodies use certain nutrients to maintain that temperature. Translation: B12 supplementation can help us burn more fat, even without exercising.

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